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Football Play Designer v10 - 2012 Edition

Save time & money - Create, edit, animate & share football plays & playbooks.

Football Play Designer | Football Coaching Software to Create A Customized Football Playbook
Customer Testimonials:

We asked some of our customers to let us know how the Play Designer Series has helped them.  These are just some of the statements and thank you letters we have received through the years.  We want our coaches to spend less time worrying about playbooks and be able to spend more time with their team.  These testimonials come from coaches throughout the United States about all products in our play designer series.  Below you will find testimonials from high school coaches for both football & basketball, some semi-pro teams, youth coaches, recreational coaches, and many more...Enjoy! Below is a video of some of the teams using the Play Designer Series.

Roger M - CA - (view team picture)

"Just wanted to thank you for making my job as a coach at Diamond Bar Pop Warner a lot easier.  Using your software was easy, intuitive and complete.  I work full time so I didn’t have hours to waste trying to learn to use your software.  I recommend every football coach, no matter what level, should make this investment.  You’ll be glad you did."

Keegan B  (view team picture)

I am the Offensive Coordinator for the Western Pennsylvania Warhawks which is a new team in the Grass Roots Division of the NAFL.  This is a semi pro league that prides itself on getting players ready to move on to a higher level whether it be the CFL, NFL, or AFL.  I have loved the game of football all my life and at 23 I have found myself in the position of Offensive Coordinator for this team.  I can not say enough about how much time your product saves me in drawing up new plays and also typing up summaries to go a long with the play.  The ability to also view the play in action also allows me to have an idea of timing can be worked out on the field of play. 

Ronald N - IN - (view team picture)

Football play Designer 2007 By WheelBarrow Software is AWESOME!!!! Just a 8mb file that even I could download on a dial up... Very easy to install and I was able to make my own plays in just few minutes. The free plays they offer really make it easy too and are very fast download. I can't wait to make a play book for all my kids....
Ronald N
Head Coach
Jets Metro Flag Football

Mike M

I purchased this product to get ready for our upcoming 2007 football season. This is my fourth year of coaching youth football and I cannot wait for the season to start.  For the past several years I spend countless hours handwriting plays hoping that the kids would understand my scribbling.  With the help of Football Play Designer 2008, I quickly inputted all of last seasons plays.  The product is very user friendly.  The ability to flip the players from one side to another is very useful and time saving.  The ability to show blocking assignments will pay big dividends for us this season as this was one of our weaknesses.  Another plus is the ability to add detailed notes about the play that is printed along with the play.  I would recommend this product to all youth football coaches, as a picture is worth a thousand words.

Thanks for a great product

Coach Daryl  

My name is Daryl Fournier, I am a coach for the Saint John Wanderers, we are a 2 time Maritime football champs. I purchased the program and it is the best for the buck. I have been able to create plays easily and comfortable from the time I purchased it, no gimmicks attached. Very simple but effective tool to be used for creating plays. Thanks to the developers of this product and I would highly recommend it as a tool.

Assistant Football Coach

Lockhart Lions form Lockhart Texas -  (view team picture)
We have yet to use any design software, we had simply used the old fashioned pencil and paper and made copies of everything. I ran across the design software while looking at different books for football, I think it is time we catch up with everyone else so we will be using the design software this year. I can see how it will make things allot easier on the sidelines.

Kris - (view team picture)

I have been an assistant coach for several years and feel our teams have always suffered from not having clear, concise playbooks.  When you can only practice three hours per week you had better have a way for your players to learn the plays before they get to practice.  Football Play Designer from Wheelbarrow Software has given me an economical and quick way to do this.  I have demo'd three other playbook software programs and found them little more helpful than just using the "paint" program on my operating system.  Thanks for a great, easy to use system.

Coach from Youngstown Ursuline - (view team picture)

We here at Youngstown Ursuline absolutely love the Basketball Play Designer.  We use it to draw our own plays and display them for our players in a computer lab over a projection screen.  We also use the designer to draw opponents plays and use the projection to the players as a scouting tool.  There are so many great opportunities to use this device as a teaching tool to make us a much smarter and prepared high school basketball team.  Thanks for the great product at a great value, it was well worth it!

Youngstown Ursuline Fighting Irish 
Boys Basketball Team 

Mark - (view team picture)

My name is Mark & I am the girls varsity basketball coach at Corona del Mar High School in Newport Beach, Ca.  I have used the basketball play designer to show our players visuals of our playbooks.  It is much more efficient in teaching them set offenses and defenses than any other software I have seen.  I use the animation on each play for the players to visualize the options for each play.  This is a cool toy to enhance my coaching.

Bill - (view team picture)

Attached is our team picture of the Lewistown Panther Midget football team. This software has helped myself as the offensive coordinator to come up with plays that have helped our team to a 6-2 regular season and a 2nd seed in the playoffs. The play designer is awesome in that it lets you see the flow of the play and saves valuable time on the practice field. Thank you for this product.


Coach Robert - (view team picture)

Coaching a team of 6 to 9 year olds, I knew I needed something that could help my players visualize what they're supposed to do for each play. I used to do things the "hard way" in practice - using a whiteboard and dry erase marker to map out each play and show each player what it is they had to do. While it worked, it was messy, time consuming, and not very practical to use during a game. Since I started using your football play designer, I've seen a huge difference in how quickly my players learn their roles on the team. What used to take an hour or more per week can now be done in 10 minutes - I can sit my players around my laptop in practice and animate each play so they can see how plays develop. I'd just like to thank you guys for making an easy-to-use, affordable play editor that allows me to design plays for our 9-on-9 atom football squad.

Coach Robert

Silsbee Football - (view team picture)

I have looked long and hard, for months, to find an efficient football play designer computer program that would fit into our budget and that would be easy to use. The Football Play Designer v5.0 2007 program was been the perfect fit for what we needed. This program is simple to use! We have used the Football play Designer program to help get a fast and productive start for the 2006 season. As an offensive or a defense coordinator, at any level I have found Football Play Designer to be an invaluable tool to have. We highly recommend the Football Play Designer to any program that is looking for a play design.

Thank you,
Silsbee Football

Karen - (view team picture)

I’m Karen … offensive coordinator for the Dallas Diamonds.  The Diamonds are the three time World Champions in the Women’s Pro Football League.  Check out the site at www.womensprofootball.com or www.dallasdiamondsfootball.com.  I have made the transition from our QB to a coaching position and purchased the software to take the past 5 years worth of plays I had tucked away in a storage box and put them in a nice and neat format.  Enjoy our team photo!  I can’t wait to get the pdf add-on to print these all out!!!

Karen " QB"

Matthew - (view team picture)

I just want to say how much I appreciate your reasonably priced Play Designing Software.  I coach the 4th grade team at OLMC and I do not have the resources to spend $100’s or $1000’s to illustrate my plays but need to be able to create and illustrate plays for my kids.  Your program allows me to do just that and it is so easy to use.  


Greg - (view team picture)


I'm an assistant coach for the Belltown Bobcats PeeWee football team in central Pennsylvania. Myself and the other coaches were getting tired of drawing plays by hand and then having a rough time getting the plays distributed to all the coaches. I searched the web for any play design software and came across your product. Not only did it work better, it was the cheapest. Now I can create plays and they don't look like chicken scratch. All the coaches and kid's can easily see how the play is run. With the picture export function, it is easy to create a slide show in PowerPoint to show off at the league meetings. Thanks for the great product.

Attached is a picture of our 2005 team. The PDF playbook would be a great addition as I could easily make a portable playbook to give to the kid's as well.


J. Johnson - (view team picture)


I have attached a group picture of our 12y.o. Mill Creek Hawks team. We have installed a Wedge offense this year that none of our players had seen before the first day of practice. Your software has simplified and shortened the process of getting all of our players to understand and execute a completely new scheme. The ability to take my laptop to tape sessions and show the kids blocking schemes and routes in hard copy and animated form keeps their attention and has accelerated the learning curve.

J. Johnson

Kevin - (view team picture)

I bought a copy of Football Play Designer over the past off season, and it has made a huge difference in the amount of time I have to devote to playbooks.  I coach a youth league team as well as a semi pro team, and my time is very limited to begin with.  Football Play Designer has simplified the process of going from one team's playbook to the other.  I can now rapidly design new plays, because instead of using PowerPoint and having to individually draw and place player icons, I let the Play Designer do the work for me.  No more drawing individual blocking or running assignments.  Since FPD is made for this purpose, I can whip right through them with a click and drag of the mouse.  I only have to draw up half of my plays, because when I finish plays going to the right, I use the flip feature to design it toward the left.  FPD is the best piece of coaching software that I have ever bought.

Thank you,

Jason V - ME - (view team picture)

The addition of the Football Play Designer software has been a great resource for our coaching staff.  We have been able to draw out diagrams of the plays and show the players who they should be blocking against many different defensive fronts.  With a limited number of players to practice against it really showed our players who they should be blocking through the use of diagrams.  The Yarmouth Pirates Varsity Squad thanks you for creating such a great product.  

Jason V
Yarmouth Pirates Varsity
Assistant Coach

Michael R - CO - (view team picture)

"Thank you so much for developing Football Play Designer.  As the computer/video parent volunteer, I took all of the hand-drawn plays from the coaches and entered them into Football Play Designer.  At each coach’s meeting, I used my laptop computer and LCD projector to display the plays for all to see and discuss.  When the plays were finalized, I printed out copies for each coach.  Everything was neat and legible compared to the hand-drawn ones, and updating a play couldn’t have been easier.  Just make the changes in Football Play Designer and print out the changed play for each coach.  At our recent meeting for the upcoming season, a big issue was could I now animate all of the plays.  I didn’t have the heart to tell them that since the plays were already in Football Play Designer, it wasn’t going to be a big issue at all.  Again, thank you for such an outstanding product."

Scott S - MT -  (view team picture)

Dear Wheelbarrow Software,

I just purchased your playmaking software for both football and basketball and I am very impressed. What a great tool to use in creating my team's playbooks. Our football season is in full swing and today I used the software to print out our new plays for this weekend's game. The diagrams are clear and easy to understand and are invaluable to my athletes. During my afternoon classes I showed off the animation feature to all of my football players and they were impressed. Also as the school's boys basketball coach I am always looking for a tool to design my various set plays. Already I have diagramed five sets out of our numbered transition that will be ready to go for our first team meeting and playbook distribution. All I can say is that I wish I would have purchased this software at the beginning of the football season. I'm sold on it and by next season I should have all of my football and basketball plays stored and ready for distribution. What a great tool to have at my disposal 10 years down the road as I accumulate and design more plays. Our basketball team went 20-5 last season returns all but one starter so we should be solid and Wheelbarrow Software will be a part of our program for years to come.

Scott S
Head Football and Basketball Coach
Denton High School
Denton, MT


Tony C - TN - (view team picture) - (Visit Team Site)

"We are a peewee football team from ages 5-12 years of age.  As a coach I will use the program to create plays to teach kids their position(s) on the field and plays...and also to make a video using this program."

Chris R - WV -  (view team picture)

Thanks WheelBarrow Software. We've used your software to build our playbooks offensive, defensive, and special teams plays we designed. Our playbook has hundreds of plays that prepare my kids for ANY contingency. The play animation allows our coaches to display the timing on pass plays and see if that zone really IS airtight! Blocking schemes, coverage assignments, pass routes, blitz angles . . . It's all good. 

Chris S - (view team picture)

"Our football program has never had a real playbook, electronic or paper.  All of the players learn the plays from what the coaches tell them. This program will allow us to finally get a good, solid playbook put together so there won't be any more confusion when it comes to assignments on specific plays. Thank you WheelBarrow Software for the wonderful product."

Kevin B - MI -  (view team picture)

My son, Jeremy (back row, # 76), has been playing football for six years. This year, his team has add some wrinkles to the offense and switched to a 3-5-3 defense. On top of this, Jeremy is learning two new positions: tight end and inside linebacker.

We use Football Play Designer to diagram the plays that he learned in practice so that he can review them as needed.
I plan to use Football Play Designer to generate the entire playbook for the coaches.
Kevin B.
Detroit, MI

Ronnie B - CA - (view team picture)

"My name is coach Ron of the Channel Islands Warriors of the PYFL in southern California.  We are ages 9-10 weight limit 125lbs.  I have recently purchased the playbook designer and will be using it to illustrate the power eye, single back, and some shotgun formations.  We will be able to completely analyze and visualize our plays while being able to allow for all of the possible defensive front and technigues(6-2,5-3,4-4).  I am in hopes that this designer will allow for my lineman and backs to completely understand who it is they are actually supposed to block.

We actually love motion and I think its pretty cool to see motion on a drawn up play.  This tool should help us to realize the advantages we gain by using motion before the snap; if they follow motion we can use to eliminate a defender.....If not we gain an additional blocker on the run side, etc. & so forth!!"

Dave T - NV - (view team picture)

"I used your product while coaching my flag football team. Your program was very useful on multiple levels. For beginner players I feel that is extremely important to have a visual aid to help them understand the plays and how they affect the defense. Also this allows them to take a playbook home and study it so everyone can be on the same page, so to speak. Thank you."

Michael G  - (view team picture, 2)

The Hawks Football Team is a middle school football with players from 6th grade up to the 8th grade.  Since we started using the Play Designer, our players have had fewer questions about what they need to do with all of our new plays.  As a coach I feel that fewer questions from players says it all.  We had used other football software, but we always had questions until I started using the Play Designer.  In our picture you can see our players learning a new play. Just look how much they pay attention.  As a coach it feels great to see your players wanting to pay so much attention to the new plays on The Play Designer without being asked. 

Coach Michael G & The Hawks

Cameron / Offensive Coordinator / Kingston Grenadiers (view team picture)

I have recently purchased the 2007 edition of the Playbook designer for my Junior Varsity kids (14-16 year olds).  Our league up here in Canada is a provincial league (similar to an all state league).  I have created an 85 play playbook using your software and the kids have responded well to the way it was created.  There is no doubt that your software has made it easier for the kids to understand what our coaching staff is trying to accomplish.  With the animation feature, it makes it easy for our players to see what they have to do on each play.  Most kids are visual kids, and for them to be able to see the plays animated is a big plus.

Thanks again for making this software so easy to use. 

K Marks  - MO  - (view team picture)

We currently do not use a playbook designer - but after reviewing several different programs - we chose your software for the simplicity, flexibility and the affordable cost.

Dean - Canada - (view team picture)

This is the first package that I have found that will handle Canadian football (12 man with unlimited motion)! I bought the package Friday and had my plays posted for my peewee football kids by Monday. The new players understand the plays and their responsibilities. Next, I will use this to illustrate my practice drills on my PDA!

Doug P - CT

Myself and my fellow coaches have been using paper and pen to draw up plays for many seasons. It always seemed as if someone was drawing it up differently, we were never on the same page. We decided to look find a program that would allow us to put all our plays on computer and make a playbook for all of us. We looked at many programs, but when we saw Football Play Designer we were intrigued. I looked into it and saw all the other great possibilities that it had to offer, especially the PDF playbook, and the website playbook. Our athletes are always losing their playbook, so to be able to use this software to make an online version is awesome! This is our first season using it, but I am sure it is going to help us out greatly this season and many seasons to come.

Doug P
Weston Football.

George S - IL (view team picture)

Our football program has never had a playbook every player could have to study. they would learn plays at practice and have to remember each one without anything to refer back to.  Now with Play Designer I can create an actual playbook that is neat and easy to follow for all the players to take home and study.

Tim H  (view team picture)

Thanks to the software I downloaded from wheelbarrow I can now save lots of time on play preparation and more time on play execution. I found it very easy to use and apply my own terminology to and best of all the animation give me the ability to see the play develop verses different defenses before I put it into the playbooks. Thanks again for this wonderful tool.

Mark S   (view team picture)

We have researched playbook software in order to improve our playbook modification and scouting formations for practice. We have come to the conclusion that your software is exactly what we are looking for in a software package. We will be able to make changes and create plays with quite a bit more ease. We are currently using Excel and word for our playbooks. The practice scheduler will also save time in creating the schedules on a daily basis. Being a Father, Coach and working a daily job every moment that can be saved is a moment that can be spent being a dad.  Thank you for creating a tool to give us more time for our families.

Ken N  (view team picture)

We purchased this product in January to get ready for our upcoming 2006 football season.  I believe the preparation in the off-season with pay huge dividends.  The product is very user friendly.  The ability to flip the players from one side to another is very useful and time saving.  The program will make my job easy as I prepare the new playbook.

Mark L  (view team picture)

I am the Head Coach of the North Western Sydney American Football Club know as “The Predators” I came across the program on a Google search looked at the examples and decided to purchase it. It has made my life as a head coach a lot easier. I am impressed with the ease to which we can modify and or design our plays for both our senior and under 18 (colts) side. With the colts playing a 7 a side version of the came the options available make it easy. I would recommend the program as a affordable value for money tool.

Matt K  (view team picture)

I am using Football Play Designer 2007.  It is one of the most in-expensive programs available.  We are creating our first computer generated play books for the program.  Before, we had always done it by hand.  I have found Play Designer to be very user friendly and the website help makes it even better.  I don’t see any reason to buy a more expensive program.

Dan G  (view team picture)

Thank you very much for the Football Play Designer. It has enabled me to create plays much faster and is more clearly labeled than my previous method. Coaching 8-man football has made it hard to find software that can adapt to 8-man. with the F.P.D. I can create plays for 8-man with ease. This has been a nice addition to my coaching tools.

Milton D  (view team picture)

I have been coaching youth football for 3 years now.  Before I would spend weeks, designing plays to fit the skill level of our team. I would have to draw the lines showing each player responsible. And then I would have to print each play on separate paper.

Last year I used Play Designer and it save me time and I was able to utilize it for teaching purpose. It gave me more time to work with the unskilled player.

Darrin M  (view team picture)

Your Software ROCKS!! I have two hearing impaired children who find it hard to learn plays quickly when they are being told verbally. They are able to see the plays using your software and they are excelling rapidly.

Tony R  (view team picture)

Here is a photo of the Marlton Chiefs 85 lb. team from 2005 . I have just purchased your program and already it has helped me to plan for the upcoming season I think the program is great I have just scratch the surface with it. I was able to start putting last years scouting reports in and have them ready to print out for practice I'm sure the playbook planner will help out greatly when I'm able to e-mail the coaches the upcoming scouting reports.

Thanks for a great program,

Mark D  (view team picture)

Since purchasing your football play designer software in March, it is with great enthusiasm that I look forward to this 2006 football season. Your software has made it possible for me to completely re-create both my offensive and defensive playbooks making them much more thorough, detailed, and informative. I love the fact that I now have the possibility to change plays and entire game plans in a fraction of the time it used to take, leaving me more time to do what I truly enjoy….working with the kids. Your software is incredibly easy to use and versatile enough to be used at any level of coaching. Thank you very much for such a wonderful product!

Eston J  (view team picture)

I used your software when I played football in high school. It was instrumental in having me ready to play on Friday night. I am starting my first season of coaching and, thus, purchased 2007. I can't wait to get my athletes up to speed.

Keep up the good work.

Terry V  (view team picture)

The Rocklin Junior Thunder were the Nor Cal Champions in the Junior Pee Wee division last year.  We used your playmaking software extensively to show the kids blocking and passing assignments.  We look forward to being able to print the PDF files for the coaching staff.

Charles M  (view team picture)

Thanks for making such a great tool.  We used your software to visually teach our kids the plays and went from 1-7 to 8-2 and won the league championship in our first year using your software!  Thanks to all the folks at wheelbarrow for making this available at such a low price!

Brent C  (view team picture)

We just purchased your Football Play Designer 2007 today and already have 6 plays designed.  It used to take me 2 hours to draw a play and print it off.  Our team website is www.eteamz.com/teninotigers.  

Scott C - WA

We are a Pop Warner might mites team in Washougal, Washington.  Our team consists of 7 and 8 year olds whose computer knowledge will allow me to give them computerized playbooks that they can use.  I am also using the software to run the offensive schemes of our upcoming opponents.  The software allows me to see weaknesses in my defense.  This allows me to better plan my defense before a game.  
Scott C
Head Coach
Pop Warner Mighty Mites
East County Jets

Cle C

I used Football Play Designer to help me learn the plays for the JV tackle football team that I’m an assistant coach for, which I then used to help teach the players with a very limited football background. I also used the program to modify some of those plays for my 9 – 12 yr. flag football team, many of the players had never played football before, let alone flag football, so it was a big help to both myself and my players.  

Cle C, Head Coach

Derrick H - MN

"I have coached football at all levels from assistant high school, to head high school to college coordinator, and I have always done my plays the hard way on the computer, but after purchasing football play designer, I never knew designing plays would be so easy. I would recommend this software to anyone who wants to use an interactive software for designing plays:

Thank you.

Coach Mark  

We are a Pop Warner Jr. Midgets team in Orange , New Jersey .  Our team consists of 10-12 year olds. I previously drew all my plays and blocking schemes out on paper! Along with just a brief explanation you can see how long and drawn out this process could be. Your Product has allowed me to work SMART not HARD and has us in the best possible position to succeed! I am so glad that I have found an AFFORDABLE software whose value is beyond it’s price tag! Thank you again!!


I am the 8th grade girl’s coach in Sturgis, Michigan 

We are currently using your software and the girl’s love it.  A lot of times we start our practice by going over things on the big screen.  This software is a great addition to our program.


            Just wanted to drop a quick note to say how much I’ve enjoyed your Football Designer software. I’m a first year youth coach and have found this tool to be invaluable. Besides begin a fraction of the cost of the other product I was considering, It’s very intuitive and easier to use. Time is at a premium, especially in the first year, and this tool has freed us to get the team up and running quicker and more effectively. In addition it’s nice to be able top present a clear, concise and professional looking playbook that is easy for the kids to understand. Thanks again.

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